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The Avrami, Ozawa, and Mo models were applied to analyze the non-isothermal crystallization behavior of PP multiscale composites. The Avrami model could very well describe the crystallization behavior of PP to 70% of the completion of crystallization. Beyond that level, it deviated significantly for all composites. On the other hand, the kinetics of crystallization could be well described by the Mo model.

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The inclusion of nano filler (content of 1, 3 and 5 wt%) alone in PP matrix could not improve the tensile strength and modulus to a greater extent. In addition the incorporation of 20 wt% of glass fibres in PP matrix has significantly improved the tensile strength by 43.5% and the Young’s modulus of the composite has improved by 131%. The lowest value of strain at break (%) indicates the brittle characteristics of PPG composite while PPC composites show a more ductile behavior. C values of PPG and PPGC composites are higher in comparison to neat PP which explains that crystallization rate constant was improved by the presence of glass fibres when added individually and also in combination with CNTs. Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology is a private institute deemed to be a university in Patiala, Punjab. It was founded in the year 1956 by Karam Chand Thapar and is one of the premier institutions in the state.

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X-ray diffraction studies are carried out to examine the crystal structure of PP in the presence of nano and micro fillers. Besides, the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of polymer composites largely depend on the dispersion and distribution of fillers in the matrix, the degree of crystallinity and crystallite orientation and size. As reported in Table 2, while nanocomposites are considered, the crystallization parameters are significantly improved with respect to neat PP. The presence of nano fillers alone in the matrix did not enhance tensile strength and modulus conspicuously. The positive effect of MWCNTs was an improvement in the ductility as evidenced in the case of PPC3 and PPC5 with regard to micro composite . In a larger perspective, the nano fillers are expensive and although they could impart some specific properties the agglomeration tendency prevails beyond 3 wt%. On the other hand, glass fibres incorporated in PP matrix are cost effective and improves the strength, stiffness and rigidity but at the cost of ductility and toughness.

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All the courses are offered under the Schools of Business, Engineering, and Philosophy, Art & Culture. However, restricted use of mobile phones in the hostel may be permitted during specific hours. The winning team from the regional heat will participate in the grand final in New Delhi in November 2014. The winning team from the national final will be offered a one-week sponsored tour in the UK, which will include visits to historical sites, academic institutions and cultural events, as well as meetings with British students. 24 colleges from across Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry participated to secure a place in the grand finale of the GREAT Debate Competition in November 2014. Similar heats will be organised in Trivandrum on 21 October 2014.

It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in engineering, management and pharma. Admissions are done on the basis of BITSAT and JEE Scorecard. ICT began on October 1, 1933, as University Department of Chemical Technology of the University of Bombay . It began with an aim to provide quality education in the field of Chemical Science and Technology and ranks 18th in the NIRF engineering colleges list. It offers courses in Chemical engineering, Food engineering, Dyestuff technology, Pharmaceutical Sciences etc.

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In multiscale composites the entanglement of nano fillers at the interface between micro scale fillers and matrix could greatly enhance the interfacial strength. The effective nano filler-micro filler network can trap polymer chains and thus segmental mobility of the chains is greatly reduced. In the applications where high modulus and strength is required catastrophic brittle fracture would be unacceptable. In such situations the synergy of micro and nano fillers has immense significance and they can coexist in polymer matrix to produce multiscale filler reinforced composites.

Our English language teaching centres in Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata provide a range of general and business English classes, specialised skills based programmes and young learner courses. It is a private research university located in Noida began in 2005. The college offers a lot of engineering courses in different branches including Mechanical, Civil, Aerospace, Computer Science etc. It has 10 more campuses except for Noida in Kolkata, Ranchi, Mumbai, Raipur, Patna, Greater Noida, Gwalior, Gurgaon, Jaipur and Lucknow. The basic criterion for admission to the integrated courses is candidates should have passed 10+2 examination in relevant subjects. Final selection of the candidates is based on the entrance exams conducted by Amrita followed by counselling and interview. 27 suggested a model for explaining the non-isothermal crystallization kinetics.